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Ionosphere-diagnostic complex (IDC), created on the basis of phase antenna array of the decameter radio telescope URAN-3 is described. IDC allows to perform the experimental measurements of the arrival angles, frequency, Doppler shift, amplitude and polarization characteristics of the signal reflected from the ionosphere. Main technical characteristics of the complex and the first experimental results are presented.

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Magnetic field of communication aerial double wire line above conducting half-space is considered. The approximation formulae for calculation of such fields are obtained.

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The measurement of underground pipes current was checked by contactless method with radial and azimuth orientation of the basic point of observation. The errors caused by the influence of the parallel obstacle carrying current was defined.

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Analysis of Doppler frequency of radio waves reflected from traveling ionospheric disturbance in ray approximation was carried out. It was performed as reflecting screen model of the surface with periodical structure.

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The volume scattering from the low contrast small dimension inhomogeneities of the ionosphere plasma electron density is estimated. The Booker model of the inhomogeneities and Born approach to the scattering evaluation were used for this purpose. The estimated parameters help to evaluate the conditions of the experimental measurements by the URAN-3 radio telescope ionosphere diagnostic complex.

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The typical parametrical models of periodically correlated random processes: additive, multiplicative, quadrature as well as the analysis of their properties are presented. The problems on validity of their component estimate characteristics are considered.

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Linear systems for estimating the periodically correlated random processes probabilistic characteristics are considered. Properties of impulse response and frequency response functions of different estimation methods are analyzed.

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A new decomposition method of Boolean functions of n variables is based on the proposed procedure of the conjunctive terms splitting. Comparing with traditional ones, the proposed algorithm of decomposition is more simple in realization. The examples of practical use of this method are illustrated.

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The results of experimental investigation of integral hydrochemical propeties (temperature, conductivity and pH) of lakes of Shatsk's National Park are presented.

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Programme, structure and principles of organization of the background ecological monitoring of the Shatsk's National Park are presented.

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An approach to assessment of carbon budget of a separate region based on a mathematical model of biogeochemical carbon cycle in the biosphere is proposed. A principle of Libih's limitation factors is used to construct functions describing the plant biochemical processes. A function of possibility of biota adaptation to new environmental conditions is introduced.

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The results of experimental investigations of start exercise dynamic parameters using the computer measurement systems are given.

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The systematic errors in measurement of the current pertaining to the pipeline system and determination of the spatial location of its axis are presented.

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The magnetic field distribution that is formed by two linear currents in the same stratum of 3-layered media is calculated. The current direction influence on the total field is defined.

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The vector information display device for presenting the controlled factors is described. The proposed device is efficient tool for the eddy-current NDT systems.

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A proposed method of digital-frequency structures composition makes it possible to define the structures schemes and the output functions of the composed digital-frequency devices.

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A method of digital-frequency structures composition for one-dimension functions that can be extended for the two-dimension functions is presented.

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A new scheme of the fast orthogonal trigonometric transformation algorithms implementation on digital signal processors (DSP) is presented. This implementation is based on selecting fast Fourier cosine- and sine-transformations as basic algorithms and their usage for DSP tuning.

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A model of the random binary phase images entered into the linear joint transform correlator is proposed. The spatial distribution of the binary random phase masks correlation functions at the correlator's output are obtained and analyzed.

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An adaptive binarizatiorl method that uses the neighborhood and edges of dark areas is proposed. The parameter setting for this adaptive binarization is considered.

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System features building method of complex configured images areas is presented. Points with high level curvature are found on the area boundary. There is a possibility to represent the area as a unification of convex single connected subareas via usage of certain rule of their connection. An analytic description using radial boundary approximation is built for each convex subarea. Areas factorization to subareas is modeled graphically.

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A Gordon's contrast enhancement method is modified. The examples that illustrate the effectiveness of the proposed method are given.

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- Բֲ ̲ Dz
A structure-adaptive algorithm for removal of additive noise from images is proposed. The adoption of decision is based on the local image properties such as local contrasts, variance, trimmed mean values and trimmed mean absolute deviations. The proposed technique is useful for suppression of noise with mixed distribution: additive Gaussian noise with outliers.

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The best Chebyshev approximations by rational polynomial x* are considered. Computer algebra algorithms for kernel analytical expressions are obtained. Methods for optimal parameters p,s and k,l finding are built.

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A new approach that allows to combine the associative structures with arithmetic arrays of processors is proposed. Such structures are very effective for pattern recognition and image analysis system.

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A method of approximation to the function f(x) in [b, ?) by Chebyshev spline is presented. The formula for the error of spline approximation is given as well as the equation for the spline knots and the expression for the kernels of approximation. Besides, the spline approximation to the Bessel function 0(x) in [b, ?) for different meanings of b is built.

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Schematic-functional approach to the analysis and synthesis of parallel algorithms is suggested; the solving of the optimization problems of special-purpose systems on the basis of structural analysis of the algorithms is proposed.

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A problem of improving the reliability and survivability of specialized processors constructed on the basis of homogeneous computational medium (HCM) is considered. Mathematical models of reliability of processor elements and HCM matrixes are presented.

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Construction of specialized processors on the basis of homogeneous computational medium is considered. Various types of the architecture of specialized processors are presented.

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On the basis of the data flow property a method of paralleling algorithm for multiprocessor computing system is worked out. The conditions of data flow start for definite level of the level-parallel form are determined. Adjusting algorithm of flow activity multiprocessor system based on the homogeneous computing medium with the elements of optimization is worked out and realized as a software.

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ϲ ̲ ˲ в
The subsystem of design microprogramms modules (MPM) for the homogeneous computing medium (HCM) is worked out. This subsystem includes the imitator of the HCM as well. A few samples of the MPM functional schemes are given.

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The process of imitation of the air dustiness in working volume of optical dustmeter FETsP by needle imitator is modeled for obtaining the few metrological data.
: 10.02.2004