³ , 19(95), 2003


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The incidence of a plane TM-wave on a multilayer anisotropic dielectric is considered and the coefficient of reflection is determined. The quantitative estimation of influence of anisotropia of intermediate layer between dielectric coating and metal substrate on the complex coefficient of reflection has carried out.

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The paper is devoted to a problem of development of advanced information technologies of restoration of the radio images of space radio sources in decametric radio astronomy at the limited phase information that is caused by distorting influence of the ionosphere. The basic elements of the technologies of radio tomography on a basis of radio-interpherometric data and of a method of base modulation developed for the decametric radio-interpherometric network URAN, are submitted.

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' ί ײ Ͳ IJʲ ò
The interval branch and bound method application for the global minimum search in the solving of the inverse multilayer dielectric electromagnetic diagnostics problem is described. The systematic algorithm with guaranty obtaining the solution for the case of inexact measurements is proposed. The numerical experiment results and possible ways to increase the algorithm's efficiency are given

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̲ IJ ²ί IJ ̲
This work is the development of ideas given an account of Chaplin's and Vasiliev's works. In the presented work the modeling of electromagnetic field from mobile phone distributed in the human head phantom was carried out.The modeling was done by integral equations method with unknown polarization currents induced by the mobile phone radiator. The currents and SAR distribution was defined in ingomogeneous enviroment with complex dielectrical permittivity. For simulation the method of moments was used.

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Ͳ Ͳ ʲ Ͳ :
The scattering of the axial-symmetric TM-wave by the finite cone is investigated using the "semi-inversion" method. The characteristics of the far field pattern and the distribution of the electromagnetic energy emitted by the ring source located above the conical screens are studied. The physical effects cconnected with electromagnetic wave radiation by the electrodynamic system "finite cone-ring source" are analyzed.

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˲Ͳ ' ˲Ͳ в, ' Բ
A class of nonlinear integral equations connected with the modified phase problem is considered. Theorems, which generalize the results obtained for linear antenna and array synthesis problems, are proved. The particular case of circular antennas is considered, and numerical results are given.

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ֲҲ Ҳ ֲ ֲ ²ֲ
The mathematical models of cyclic load which are arisen in rotated mechanisms bearing nodes in the form of periodically correlated random processes are observed. The PCRP correlation components properties are analysed. It is shown that the values which are defining the order of signal nonstationarity are caused with lag increasing so on value so as on character of statistical characteristics estimators behaviour.

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621.391: 519.22
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ֲ ֲ ֲ IJ ̲ Ͳ
In this paper the properties of coherent estimators for cross-correlation function for periodically correlated random processes are investigated. The expressions for estimations quality indices - bias and consistency - for the cases of known and unknown non-stationary mean are obtained. The asymptotical expressions for coherent estimators bias and variance are shown.

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в ˲ ²ֲ ϲʲ
A periodic auto regressive probabilistic model of roller bearing vibration signals is considered. Estimation method of model parameters is developed and results of experimental vibration signals processing are presented.

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A. Borys
A common opinion is that the amplitudes of harmonics in nearly sinusoidal oscillators are inversely proportional to the absolute value of the feedback return difference characterising feedback structure of this type of oscillators. And because of this fact the factor mentioned is maximized to reduce the harmonic distortion in oscillators. However, note that this approach does not take into account the fact that the ratios of amplitudes of harmonic components to amplitude of the component at fundamental frequency can change under the above procedure. In connection to this, it has been shown in this paper that the feedback return difference can not serve as a measure of harmonic distortion in sinusoidal oscillators, at least in general.

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ʲ Ҳʲ Ͳֲ
In this paper the sync errors and maximum permissible power values of noise interference are compared at usage of different kind phase detectors.


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ί Բֲ "ղ-ղ" ² Dz ̲
The task of experimental structure identification of static system interval model in condition of mixing interval errors is considered. One kind of solving algorithm of this task is developed.

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Ͳ ˲ ϲ Ͳֲ в ˲
The structural scheme of a device is described. The device determines an axis and laying depth of current-conducting underground communications by means of differential measures of parameter of informative signal brought by an object field in a receiving system with three induction coils located in a parallel way on one bar.

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̲ ̲ в ֲ
Peculiarities of measurement of automatic locomotive signalisation rail currents when using vertically oriented induction sensors are analysed in the article. It is shown that use of such sensors make it possible to obtain higher ratio of signal and disturbance than for horizontally oriented ones in almost all cases of possible situation of disturbances sources.

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ί Ҳ ' в̲ IJ
Precise and approximate methods of throughput calculation for the channel with irregular noise and arbitrary amplitude-frequency characteristic is proposed. Accuracy appraisal of approximate methods is carry out.

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The of mathematical model of approximation of graduation characteristic of ion-selective electrodes is proposed. The parameters of characteristic are presented in form of linear and nonlinear components acording to small and big value of concentration. It allow to increase prediction of determination the low concentration of some chemical elements in natural waters.

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621. 3. 681
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ϲ Ҳ 'Ҳ IJ
In the article questions of maintenance suitable to control analog objects of diagnosing are considered. The problem of introduction of structural redundancy of objects and introductions of additional control points is proved. Recommendations for introduction of such redundancy are given and cases are given where it is recommended to use them.

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в ˲ IJ ֲ ̲
In the paper the methodical errors of various methods of temperature extrapolation dependently of research media type and of thermometer submergence depth are analysed. The influence of instrumental errors is researched. The requirements to allowable random errors are determined. The modified extrapolation methods providing small total error are proposed.

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ί Բֲ ² ˲ֲ IJ
Robust filtering algorithm for images corrupted by noise with mixed distribution is presented. It is based on the localization and consecutive elimination of outliers in the running window. Experimental testing showed that proposed algorithm preserves edges and has smaller filtering error in comparison with known robust algorithms.

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Dz в
This paper describes the configurable computing architecture based on the homogeneous computing structure and can be used for designing efficient special purpose devices and programmable specialized accelerators for signal and image processing. The process of data execution in the homogeneous computing structure is considered.

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IJ ² ̲ ' в R2
The mean square distance distribution between objects in R 2 space is determined. Total variance error on correlation component and sample component is separated. These components were analyzed.

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IJ ˲Ͳ ֲ Ͳ
The possibility of image's local contrast appilation for line extraction is considered. The modified Hough transform algorithm with use of local contrast is addused. The efficiency of proposed method is illustrated on synthesized image.

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I. O. Kirenko, A. Y. Nakonechny
Three-dimensional wavelet coding with motion compensation has been proved to be an efficient technique for scalable video compression. The present document studies the efficiency of spatial scalability of a 3D wavelet coder by comparing it with a layered spatial scalable scheme based on H.264 coder. Possible ways of improving 3D wavelet coders are investigated.

. 3D , .264. 3D .

681.7: 621.391
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Ҳ ² ̲
The new reflecting optical mark as a joint power spectrum of a transformed and reference phase masks written on a chalcogenide glass is created. This mark allow to realize the quantitative verification of protected objects. The method for calculation of the optimum writing exposure of a reflecting optical mark is elaborated. The correctness of the method is experimentally confirmed.

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˲ Ͳֲ
New properties and structures in data time-series have been revealed by applying the SOM and GMDH techniques to processing these data.

' SOM (Self-Organizing Maps) (GMDH).

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The problems of organization of computations in three-dimensional multilavel feed forward neural networks are discussed. The parallel algorithms for implementation of computations in neural networks with projective and lateral links are proposed. The estimates of speeding up of these algorithms are given.

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˲ֲ Բ
In this paper the implementation of software-based random numbers generator is offered. It work is based on the fixation of the millisecond of current time in mouse click moment. It is substantiated, that distribution of random variable corresponds to discrete uniform distribution.

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ֲ̲ Ҳ
The task of increasing the rate of a data compression algorithm is considered. Weak places of algorithm have been analyzed. Methods of speed increase of wavelet transform, algorithm of quantization parameters search, quantization and Haffman codes creation procedures are considered.

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ί ˲ֲ в
The problems of pattern recognition on a basis of counter propagation neural networks have been considered in the paper. The variant of a network with preprocessing of set of input vectors and introduction of two additional components for elimination of a problem of linearly dependent vectors has been developed. The experiments on the test tasks for standard and modified variants of the network have been performed. The description of the obtained results and their comparison has been shown in the paper.

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